I would like to say special thanks (in no particular order) to:

The Vietnamese Amerasians who took time out to talk to me about their lives despite the anguish of their childhood memories and had to endure a camera pointing in their face most of the time.

Hung Phan (name has been changed to protect his identity due to the sensitivity of the issue) who has been instrumental in getting me in touch with the Amerasian community in Ho Chi Minh City. Today, Hung is still keeping me updated with the current state of affair of the Amerasians he’s friends with.

Brian Hjort whose dedication to the Amerasian cause since 1992 is highly commendable despite the fact that he’s neither Amerasian nor American.

Sascha Wölck, of Germany, for giving me insight to the Amerasians he has interviewed for his Ph.D.

Paul Lowe and the other tutors for their direction and support throughout my photojournalism course which culminate to this project on the Amerasian story.

Charlene Pawul-Gerhart and Jim Reischl for sharing their stories with me.

Lila Buckley, who gave me lots of encouragement and the time of her day to help me with my project at the expense of her busy work schedule.

And if I have missed out anybody, it’s not my intention to do so and please accept my apologise.

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